Through the Windows...

Sydney J. Harris once said,

"The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows."

The concept of education he wants to convey is that rather than confining ourselves to a particular approach just like the reflection from the mirror ( each time you go infront of it you will find yourself gazing back at you ), we need to look through it. We need to think beyond the conventional approach, we need to convert those mirrors into windows to have a broader view and should try to learn from what we see through it each time.
Ohhh! let me tell you this article is not about pros and cons of education system or what should be the education policy but is centred on the two words from the quote, that is, "window" and "education".
Recently, I was at a renowned institute which is appreciated for its quality education and good placements. Last night after having my dinner at the mess I decided to reach back the hostel through a different route so that by the time the food gets digested I would have discovered the other part of the campus. This part consisted of some underconstruction buildings and a few hostel blocks  . The labourers were working day and night to get the work done on time. Then suddenly as I passed by one of the hostels I saw a worker sleeping just below one of the windows outside the building and as I crossed him I got a glimpse of the boy residing in the room to which the window belonged. They both seemed to be almost of the same age but having a lot of differences in the way they were living their life. While the one inside was provided with a wooden bed, a costly mattress, pillow, fan and other luxuries, the other one used a piece of cloth, probably his towel, placed on the cemented ground as his bed and his shirt folded many a times to serve as the pillow. The difference was also in terms of the morning they would be waking up to, while for the one inside, it would be another step towards a brighter future, for the other one it would be just another day earning him as much that could provide him with limited resources to keep his heartbeat going.
The two different aspects of life seen on the either side of the window were in actual seperated by a huge wall called "education". This is the term that defines the way you will be living your life. A formal education brings your goal nearer to you, its a tool that helps you fulfill all your dreams.
Now there could be two other cases, firstly of one who isn't educated much in terms of degrees but achieved great success like Dhirubhai Ambani or Bill Gates and the second category where a person is educated but doesn't have a job, living a life of despair. Let me tell you that education shouldn't be intermingled with books and degrees rather should be seen as a fruitful learning process, you need to observe and analyze things beyond books. Those people whom I named in the first category were self educated while the other one was just litterate.
A good education is all that matters and creates the difference in the way you live. However, many people who are illiterate or uneducated are so because they were constrained by situations like poverty. Hope to see a better India, where people are not only literate but educated. This will not only help in building a better society but will boost the economy a lot.

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